ZAOgxbZmYJ wants to:

Complaint in Smartbro internet speed.

Smart is one of the WORST and most CORRUPT companies in the world. Their advertising is FALSE. Their
internet infrastructure is not properly equipped to provide true HSPA internet at full speeds. The
Smart base station is very near from my home with full bars of signal strength and accessible to
HSPA. I have a shareit router and dongle for 6 months now. Still, all I get from the call center
support is excuses and apologies.

I’m ready to smash this damned router with a hammer and bring it to the smart service center. I will
place the pile of rubbish on their desk and LOUDLY proclaim that SMARTBRO SUCKS and I QUIT! Let them
try to sue me for breach of contract- it was THEY who breached it by NOT PROVIDING SERVICE.

If you are considering the shareit router and dongle, DON’T DO IT! They didn’t even beta test it-
that is what they are doing now, and CHARGING FULL rates to do it. As anybody knows, beta testing is
NOT TO BE CHARGED for, it’s only for testing purposes. But Smart is so fu**ing greedy they will
gladly steal your money as if you are a cash cow