Kris wants to:

To change the Current Law Regarding the Regulation of Prostheses in the UK

Currently in the UK once a prosthesis has been approved with the CE mark, there are no additional
checks/regulations to ensure the product used is still fit for its original purpose and contains the
original approved product.

Currently there are approximately 50,000 women in the UK with PIP implants. All of these are sub
standard products and could potentially be hazardous to their health. Some of these women may have
these implants as a result or reconstructive surgery following a fight with breast cancer.

Mr Mas (PIP) was allowed to produce implants filled with a cocktail of industrial silicone and
medical silicone since 2000, affecting women worldwide.

Registers must be put in place to report any prosthesis placed in the body and monitored. If
removed, the condition of the implant should be recorded. There also needs to be strict guidelines
with all prostheses used in the UK to ensure all products are of a safe, high standard.

If these laws and regulations were in place, this scandal would not potentially cost the NHS £150

Please help these women and their families and sign this petition to support the improved
regulations for ALL prostheses used within the UK.