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Help save the LCC Design Writing Criticism MA program from closure!

Design Writing Criticism enabled me
to understand that design is not a simple
interaction. It is a field of study and an
approach that shapes the lives we lead.
It is a lens through which to see the systems
of the world and envision new ideas that
I never thought were possible.
— Sarah Handelman, MA Design Writing
Criticism alumna

Only recently were the students of MA Design
Writing Criticism at London College of
Communication (www.bit.ly/LCCDWCMA)
notified that their course was in danger of being terminated in 2012. Students and alumni have
to fight for the course that so far has spawned several PhD students, curators, urban planners, and
course, design writers. Society has grown increasingly aware of design. Yet while design pervades
contemporary environment, we lack critical voices to question it, challenge its execution and
contribute to a better, more engaged society.

As one of only three degree programmes to focus on design criticism in the world, the DWC MA has
already gained an international reputation. Named by Print Magazine as one of the 34 most
design programs in the world, it was featured at the same time as graphic design programme
at Yale, the typeface design programme at Reading and the research programme at the Jan van
Eyck Academie.

LCC, a college with its own dedicated design faculty, now wants to cancel the programme that was
established to probe and expand the nature of design thought through language. We encourage the
Head of College to do something the students of MA DWC are always asked to do: reflect. This time
on where design would be without a critical voice.

Does design criticism matter?
We think it does.

Please sign our petition and make your voice heard.