Hugo wants to:


Ive created this petition as I think there is a gap in care at the moment when premature babies
leave either SCBU/NICU and if a Prem Baby is poorly on discharge they have to go on a normal
childrens ward for some this could be too much as in my little Katie's case a childrens ward took
her life. We feel premature babies that have been discharged should be protected more if they need
readmitting soon after discharge whether its a special area on the NICU/SCBU wards away from the
other babies to prevent risk of infection or separated from the older children on normal childrens
wards or PICU wards. So I've created this petition to generate some interest and I've contacted
BLISS to see what thoughts they have and hopefully other little babies will not have to suffer like
poor Katie and mums and dads wont have to go through this, so please add all your friends and family
if you want to help and support.