Chris wants to:


The sinking of the HMT Lancastria on 17th June 1940 is to date the worst maritime disaster in
British history.

The sheer size of the loss of life on the day was greater than that of the Lusitania and the Titanic

When the Lancastria was hit by German Bombers it took with it between an estimated 5-10,000 British

The disaster has been recognised in St Nazaire France near the wreck site with a monument. The
French government have also named a street-esplanade and a leisure centre after the ship.

Alex Salmond, 1st Minister of Scotland gave a commemorative medal in 2008.

It has often been asked what has our British Government done for the survivors and families of those

The reply has always returned the same answer. Nothing.

This British online petition will be presented to the current British PM David Cameron.

Our aim is to gain recognition by means of commemorative medals and/or official documentation.

We feel we need to exert pressure on our government to finally do something; before we lose all the
remaining survivors.

I am sure that once the word has spread about this largely unknown disaster, we will reach our goal
of recognition.

Thankyou for your time

David & Jayne Dalrymple (On behalf of all the remaining survivors and the families of those lost.)