SergTayCity wants to:

We Dont agree with changing the name of Foyle and Londonderry College.

Foyle & Londonderry College has recently re-branded the school and dropped the Londonderry from the
crest. If you are against the name change then please sign this petition.

A very appropriate post taken from Facebook. Why can't all identities be acceptable? As a community
we should be proud of the links with London and capitalise on this link.... a lot of the communities
from all sides are working hard to take advantage of these links. Also the ladies of Londonderry
High School Old girls are not happy about this move. I am also not happy- as a past pupil and
someone who works in Peace and Reconciliation.... this does nothing for the wider Unionist Community
but erode their place in our society... This is detrimental to the diversity agenda.