Alina wants to:

Ask the Queen to dissolve Parliament

The Coalition Government has done many things that people are not happy with since it came to power.
I believe that, rather than protesting individually against each new threat to the wellbeing of our
country, the only way forward is to remove this government from power, quickly before more damage is
done. We cannot wait for the next General Election. I have therefore sent the following letter to
Her Majesty the Queen, asking that she exercise her power to dissolve Parliament, dismiss the Prime
Minister and bring on a General Election as soon as possible. If you feel as I do that removing the
current government is an urgent necessity, please sign this petition.

The text of the letter is as follows:

Your Majesty,

I apologise for presuming to contact you in this way but I must express my great concern for the
future of our nation. I am sure that Your Majesty, as I do, wishes to uphold the principles of
democracy, freedom of speech, and care of the poor and vulnerable in our society – all marks of
civilisation, and the things that make us proud to belong to a civilised nation.

However, I feel strongly that these principles are being eroded by the present government. The
current coalition does not seem to be fulfilling the purpose that was intended – to represent the
views of a majority of the population. The government is elected to represent and serve the people;
yet it is instead serving the needs of multi-national corporations, rather than the people or indeed
British business. This can be demonstrated by the fact that taxes owed by large international
businesses such as Vodafone have been waived while UK public services are cut. It is also the case
that many rich individuals and businesses make use of tax havens, which circumvent Your Majesty's
own Revenue and Customs, and the government are not only failing to do anything about it but are
actively blocking legislation designed to close the loopholes that make this practice legal.

The state of our democracy has to be called into question when the government is taking actions not
mentioned on the pre-election manifesto of either party and in some cases in contradiction of those
manifestos. This includes the reforms to the NHS, failing to curtail bankers' bonuses, and failure
to implement green energy policies. Given that no party had a majority vote, one would expect the
government's actions to be more moderate out of respect for their weak mandate; however, this is not
the case.

Your Majesty is no doubt aware of protests that have taken place across the country, the vast
majority by peaceful participants with genuine concerns. I feel that the police response to them
has been unnecessarily forceful, to the point where I am afraid to exercise my right to peaceful
protest because of kettling and other measures that have been employed indiscriminately as first
resort tactics. I feel this greatly undermines the principle of free speech, not to mention
infringing human rights when kettled protesters are kept for hours without food or water and refused
permission to leave.

Many of the government's policies have been judged by experts to be deeply damaging to our economy
and to the welfare of society. Cuts to public services have already resulted in a rise in
unemployment, homelessness and mental health problems. The speed and extent of the cuts mirror
those in Ireland which resulted in the collapse of their economy. They are clearly detrimental to
the poorest and most vulnerable in our society, and other methods of dealing with the deficit, such
as closing down tax havens, have been ignored.

I am writing to ask Your Majesty to consider dissolving Parliament, dismissing the Prime Minister
and allowing a new General Election. I realise that this would be an extreme step, but the speed
with which the coalition government has put its policies into practice means that much damage has
already been done and further damage needs to be halted immediately. I am scared for the future of
this country and hope that Your Majesty will use her powers for the benefit of the majority of her
citizens who are currently or soon will be suffering from the effects of this government's actions.

I remain your loyal subject.