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Submission for inclusion of Riverhead in the Hobsonville Point Secondary School Zone

Submission to the Hobsonville Point School Establishment Board of Trustees regarding inclusion of
Riverhead in the Hobsonville Point Secondary School (HPSS) zone.

We recently conducted a survey of parents with pre-school and primary school aged children in
Riverhead to determine where they would like to send their children to Secondary School.

The most significant result is that, if Riverhead remains out of zone for HPSS, 83% of respondents
would consider applying for an out-of-zone-enrolment to HPSS.
13% would not apply, and 4% are undecided.
If they cannot send their children to HPSS, 64% of respondents would send their child(ren) to a
North School School; 15% to Massey or Kaipara; 4% elsewhere (e.g. private); and 17% are undecided.

The 73 returned surveys represent a total of 116 Riverhead children.
The surveys cover 41% of the children at Riverhead School, assuming that all of the primary-school
age children represented in the survey attend Riverhead School. The children represent every Year,
from Pre-school, through Year 0 to Year 8, with between 7 and 17 children per Year.

For more information regarding the survey please contact Jan Lindsay (

We believe that this indicates an unambiguous and widespread desire within our community for
Riverhead to be included in the zone for HPSS. There are numerous reasons for this, many of which
are outlined in the submission from the Riverhead Residents and Ratepayers Association submission.

We, the undersigned, respectfully request that Riverhead be included in the Hobsonville Point
Secondary School (HPSS) zone.

Thank you for your consideration.