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Stop the primate pet trade in the UK

The Monkey Sanctuary Trust, based in Cornwall, is a registered charity, which draws on over 40 years
of experience caring for unwanted ex-pet monkeys. The Trust is working hard to raise awareness of
and put an end to the cruel primate pet trade in the UK. The primate pet trade in the UK is little
documented and many people are shocked that it is still legal to buy and sell monkeys as pets in the
UK. However, there are an estimated 1500 primates currently living as pets in the UK, sometimes
living in garden sheds or bird cages without the appropriate 24-hour care that they need and
deserve. All primates suffer greatly from this cruel trade, which takes babies from their mothers to
be raised by hand for the pet trade. This early separation is extremely traumatic for both mother
and baby as, like us, primates are dependent on their mothers for at least 2-3 years. Primates
suffer mentally and physically from being kept in captivity as we can never provide for all their
needs and as pets they often face isolation and neglect. As wild animals, they can never be
domesticated and are also dangerous and a threat to public health due to the diseases that they can
carry. Join The Monkey Sanctuary Trust in calling for an end to the Trade in Primates as Pets in the
UK. By adding your support to our petition, you will help us to show the Government that there is
huge support for this trade to be stopped.