Titus wants to:

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, HEAR THE FANS

In lieu of the recent BOUNTY situation, and the EXTREME penalties placed upon the NEW ORLEANS
SAINTS Head Coach Sean Payton (of one year + the fine of $500,000 upon the organization), we, THE
FANS OF NFL FOOTBALL, and the NEW ORLEANS SAINTS are asking Commissioner Goodell to provide
PUBLICIZED PROOF of an ONGOING investigation of ALL NFL teams, their coaches and players as

Claiming to have been 'LIED TO' by our Coach, yet NOT to have been 'LIED TO' by any
other organization (including the Green Bay Packers, who received NOTHING) PRIOR to the accusations
against the SAINTS, is well, a bit confusing, to say the least. We find the penalty, although SOME
punishment is warranted, to be UNPRECEDENTED and EXTREME, thus knowingly crippling the Saints
Organization for the 2012/13 season. IRONICALLY, this is all happening in the year that we, New
Orleans, is to HOST the SUPERBOWL; not to mention the NFL's recent loss to the WHO DAT NATION;
blatantly screaming potential LOSS to the NFL, 'should' the SAINTS have been IN this Super Bowl,
they would be THE FIRST NFL TEAM TO EVER HOST AND PARTICIPATE in a Super Bowl.;Screaming even MORE
'potential' loss to the NFL, from sales of merchandise, for WE, the FANS, already have merchandise,
won't buy 'packages', or have to pay for travel TO the game! REVIEW ALL TAPES OF ALL TEAMS, and
count how many HITS without flags AGAINST the SAINTS occurred, LATE HITS as well, HELMET-TO-HELMET
with NO FLAG or PENALTY, etc. INCENTIVE programs exist in big business. The NFL "IS" big business.
The numbers do NOT match up with what is being claimed. Players from OTHER teams have known this to
exist from the beginning of the game! To be THIS EXTREME against ONE team is totally unfair, and
sir, if you cannot be FAIR and JUST, you should reconsider your 'official' position, for
impartiality where this 'issue' is concerned, has no place in your office! If you can review the
tapes, and HONESTLY (no LYING) claim that NO ONE IN THE ENTIRE NFL has EVER placed a 'BOUNTY' on
Drew Brees' head, or Jimmy Graham, Tracy Porter, Darren Sproles, etc....and I CAN keep going, then,
sir, we will back down. Otherwise, you are in for QUITE A SHOWING OF FAN SUPPORT FOR "THE" TEAM THAT
YOU SO FERVENTLY WISH TO ABOLISH! It is NO secret amongst the New Orleans FANS, that you've been
trying to get the SAINTS out of New Orleans for YEARS now...be prepared, sir, for a FAN BASE FULL OF
LOVE & SUPPORT! And remember this; the SAINTS have played without a 'COACH' for YEARS, prior to Jim
Mora! A Coach that 'cared' anyway....we WILL PREVAIL....we've survived a LOT down here, we're
resilient! That includes Hurricane Katrina (which Sean Payton & Drew Brees, et al) SAVED OUR


Then the BP Oil Spill, which caused even MORE people to relocate and rebuild.
Prepare to be amazed at the SUPPORT we have for our TEAM...yes, "OUR" team! Not your team, for it's
obvious you're determined to ruin us! But that won't happen....we're STRONG! AND WE LOVE OUR COACH,
RESPECT OUR COACH, and APPRECIATE OUR COACH as a HUMAN BEING, for he not only rebuilt our team, he
rebuilt our SPIRIT!!!


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