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Save Kim Possible Petition

This petition is addressed to Robert Iger, the president and chief executive officer of The Walt
Disney Company, Robert Schooley and Mark McCorkle the creators of Kim Possible series.

The undersigned give their signature in support of Kim Possible animated series.

In this statement, we are currently asking you to continue this serial or start a new series with
old heroes such as Kim and Ron (as couple) because we think that that was one of the best Disney
serial - because of amazing heroes, soft humor and just the atmosphere of it. We think that at last
episode (that was produced more than 4 years ago) there is no end. It's just a beginning of new

Fans also could help in creating new scripts, if there will be estimates that serial has exhausted
itself. There are tons of good screen scripts in Internet websites and involving fans in work would
be excellent move.

We've always believed that a show's fate should be determined by the fans, not a "soulless" money.
As long as Kim Possible is popular it should continue to be made.

If the Directors thought that creating new TV episodes is not paying business, we offer you to make
Internet episodes.