manoj wants to:

BAN Beento5continents from posting on yahoo

We request that yahoo ban all posts from the person or persons who post under such ids as
and several other ids.
We ask this for the following reasons which can be verified by pulling up several of this person's
-constant foul and gross obscene language
-constant harrassment of anyone who does not agree with similar views
-physical threats to other posters
--constant abuse of those who serve or served in the US military
-constant abuse and ridicule of the President of the US including accusations that he is responsible
for the terrorist actions of 9/11
-severe harrassment of people of the Jewish faith
-constant harrassment of the gay and lesbian community.

While yahoo has indeed banned several of this posters id's, including beento5continents, the poster
continues to create new ones so we ask that any posts to any yahoo board be banned from this
poster's ip address.

Note-when signing petition, it is only necessary to sign with your yahoo id