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Stop the FFXI Forum Xeno-Inquisition!


*****THIS IS A JOKE*******
*****THIS IS A JOKE*******
*****THIS IS A JOKE*******

My Goal Is to stop Exodus and his cult of the FFXI Forum Xeno-Inquisition!

Sign your name below! Let him know we want to read about Gil Sellers! We want to Have MORE petitions! We want to read how JP players are better then NA and how your High Lvl JP friend made 1 million gil in 1 min and sold it to the gil farmers for $908723497.33

I also want to make sure there are MORE of the same posts about GM's who suck because they banned you (or a friend of a friend) for botting.

How about a few more windower posts? And even some posts on why it's wrong Galka's cant marry other Galkas.

OMG! STFU U NoooooB! Sign My Petition!

*****THIS IS A JOKE*******
*****THIS IS A JOKE*******
*****THIS IS A JOKE*******
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jitendra kumar
Added By:
jitendra kumar
On: 12 Sep 2012

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