eleni wants to:


The undersigned do agree that the YA Community Guidelines are often used for the express purpose of
censoring other users, "stalking" their accounts, and that much content on YA is unfairly removed,
and many accounts lost.

We further agree that certain users utilize multiple accounts for the expressed purpose of
perverting our Community Guidelines, bending them to the purpose of removing any content they simply
disagree with, or to ban certain users simply because, for lack of a better term, "they do not like

For this reason, the undersigned do submit this list of points for YA staff's approval. We feel
these alterations will improve the YA experience in general, and keep unfair reporting (hereby
referred to as "report abuse" ) to a minimum.

1. Complete removal of all "chat" and "misuse of Q&A format" violations.

2. All removed content, as it is automatically removed, must be automatically submitted for appeal.
Each case must be reviewed by a Yahoo staff member. If the violation is upheld, and appealed again,
it must be reviewed by a DIFFERENT Yahoo staff member. Only three appeals should be allowable, the
third to be reviewed by a Supervising Staff Member.

3. Any overturned VNs will cost the reporter 15 points. This is to be tracked by IP adress, not
account. A person making multiple reports from a single IP should be suspended.

4. Anyone making obvious threats or posting pornography (which equates to pictures, not words)
should likewise be suspended. These three offenses alone should be worthy of suspension.

5. Suspension is implied to be TEMPORARY. As such, a TERM of suspension must be submitted by Yahoo
staff, the maximum being 6 months.

6. A person suspended more than once in a year's time is to be reviewed by Yahoo staff for IP ban.
This should be open to appropriate appeal process.

7. Insulting content, is of course, reportable. (so long as the staff agrees insult was the intent)
Should the reporter of such content be found to be at fault (by being insulting themselves) both
should have content reviewed by Yahoo Staff. The emphasis should be on "if you can't take it, don't
dish it out." Insulting other users is NOT a suspension appropriate offense.

8. An IP address making more than 30 reports in a month's time shall have their report button
temporarily disabled, pending review of YA staff members. This can be made permanent should the user
be found to be an excessive and inaccurate reporter. Should this happen three times within a year,
this is to be made permanent regardless. The disabled period should be accompanied by an e mail from
Yahoo Staff explaining that excessive reporting harms the YA community.

Should YA fail to consider our reasonable suggestions, we will be forced to take further
action..including but not limited to

1. Refusal of further participation in YA.

2. Taking the matter up with companies that advertise through Yahoo.

3. Possible boycott of products and services by companies that utilize Yahoo for advertisement.