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Unfair and wrongful Treatment of Barbados Athelete


The Barbados Equestrian Association has issued a Letter of Suspension to Natya Soodeen, the very first rider to represent Barbados internationally in 1995. Soodeen went to the Pan American games in Argentina and funded this trip herself to carry the Barbados flag.

Natya has been showjumping in Germany and other parts of Europe for the past 5 years training to hopefully compete in the 2012 London Olympics.

She was until recently trying to qualify to represent Barbados at the up-coming CAC Games. The BEA kept changing the rules on Natya, and without any explantion sent a notice to all that Soodeen had not qualified. Soodeen and her managers had thought she HAD met all BEA criteria and would qualify.

All of Natya’s results submitted to the BEA were received from the official show office of each show (German National Shows) and printed with the German Federation stamp endorsing these results.

On Tuesday 8th 2010, a newspaper writer contacted Nicole Tull, president of the BEA to confirm whether Soodeen was in fact disqualified from representing Barbados in the upcoming CAC Games. Tull did not wish to comment and that night Soodeen was sent a letter suspending Natya from competing for Barbados for the next 6 months due to discrepancies’ with her results submitted to the BEA.

Soodeen has never been questioned by the BEA about these discrepancies’ at any given time before being suspended. Nor did the BEA tell her what the disrepancies were. The BEA simply charged and convicted their own rider without trial.
Unlike most riders here in Barbados who show as a 'serious hobby', this is Soodeen's FULL TIME JOB. This is all that Natya Soodeen does on a day to day basis and this is her only source of income.

So without any explanation, Soodeen's own national association has stopped her from competing internationally.
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On: 10 Jun 2010

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