Caitlin wants to:

Awareness on Bullying......

Chelsea & Amanda McGarrigle. They are part of the bullying protest taking place at Leo Hayes High on
behalf of the boy who left not only the school, but the province because of the torment from a
former girlfriend and her mother. They are both receiving 8 detentions, and not only did Chelsea and
2 other grade 12 students have had all the graduation events (prom, dinners, graduation itself)
taken away, she received a one day suspension All for having the courage to stand up and say they
think the school did not handle things properly and why does the former girlfriend (who is in the
wrong) have more rights to her education than he does? Their friend has moved back to NB and is
being home schooled. He was made fun of in NS for being the kid who was bullied by a girl. Just
think this is all because he broke up with someone who is not mentally stable. Serve your detentions
with your heads up my beautiful daughters. Your message is getting out. Love you girls. Mom...