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The 101 year old Trinity Loop is a rare example of early Newfoundland narrow gauge railway engineering, a section of track which traveled over a bridge, circled a pond, and then passed under itself allowing the weak steam trains of the day to tackle the steep terrain, and allowed trains to travel from Clarenville to Bonavista, the end of the branch line.Declared a Heritage Structure 25 years ago, it is now in the custody of the Province of Newfoundland and Labrador it may be scrapped by a private individual and the money pocketed by a private developer. It served as a museum and amusement park for nearly 20 years and housed several rail cars, 2 locomotives and an impressive collection of railway artifacts donated by generous individuals proud of our extensive railroading history.

The park went bankrupt several years ago and since then several pieces of donated equipment were scrapped or sold, and the property reverted back to the Crown after missed lease payments. Since then the railway line is growing in, and the few remaining rail cars are being vandalized, also Hurricane Igor did considerable damage to a non original section of track, added to allow the mini tourist train to operate without having to reverse each time it completed the loop.

Listed on Canada's Register of Historic Places the goal is to preserve the track and what's left of the railway equipment. The goal is to eventually have the line operating and have a small museum set up to teach people about early railroading, engineering and culture. Several people are ready and willing to begin clearing and preserving the track, but we are being completely ignored by the Trinity Council, Heritage society, and are getting little support from the Government.
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