Paul wants to:

Occupy Labrador

Are you a high school student, or a post secondary student living in Labrador CIty & Wabush? Do you
provide essential services to our town, and are making an average wage, but don't work for the mines
or any of the major contractors? If you are, odds are you have contemplated moving away because of
the outrageous cost of housing here.

It seems as though Labrador City and Wabush are catering to the rich, the major companies, the
realtors, the new comers and the contractors, while the people who have been here all their lives,
who grew up here, who call this place home, are being shoved aside. While the mines are the reason
our towns exist, we have become more than that. Students cannot afford the cost of apartments here,
nor can they even find an apartment available. Many people dream of owning a home here, but if they
don't work for the mines, or just have an average job, this dream is nearly impossible to fulfill.

If your sick of being stepped on, and forced to move away, from our loved ones, our home, why not
participate in ''occupy Labrador''.

**NOTE: this is not a petition against the mines.**