Rainer wants to:

Call for Resignation of Racist Saskatchewan MLA, Greg Ottenbreit

Brad Wall, Saskatchewan Party Leader,

Greg Ottenbreit, Yorkton Saskatchewan Party Candidate, recently made racist remarks in answering a
question about natural resource royalties during an all-candidates forum. We are calling for his
withdrawal from the 2011 Provincial Election.

The CBC reported a news release from Ottenbreit which apologized for the comments, saying "I don't
remember my exact words, but I said something like, 'What I have been told by some of my First
Nations friends is that sometimes when there are handouts or the money comes free and easy, it can
be used for alcohol and drugs.'"

"it is bizarre that Ottenbreit would blame Aboriginals for his misinformation about
Aboriginals....Racism rationalizes Aboriginal deprivation as the fault of "Those People," and thus
exonerates the rest of society from both historical reality and from an obligation to share the
wealth now.

One of the consequence has been the structural institutionalization of what can only be described as
"white privilege," so often mistaken for merit. The wealth has not been "shared" with First Nations
and Metis peoples, and quality of life indices demonstrate the disparities."

Mr. Wall, I believe we can only have fair and equitable Members of our Legislature. Mr. Ottenbreit
ought to withdraw. If you don't ask him to, then you Mr. Wall, demonstrate the same colonial
rationale. His racist remarks re-affirm the oppressive reality that First Nations people face. It
is obvious that this man is not fit to represent the people of his constituency. Your campaign is
dirty enough; how dare he attack the people he is supposed to represent.

"Let us have the courage to say it outright: it is the racist who creates his inferior. " Fannon

End Racism