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Canadians against Bill C-11 The Copyright Modernization Act

Do you want to be labelled a criminal for copying songs off a CD that you have purchased onto
your iPod? With the aforementioned bill, you will be...

The current Canadian
government wants to pass Bill C-11 (of the formerly defunct Bill C-32) under the guise of
modernization of our current copyright laws. What this bill fails to do is keep any modern consumer
in mind.

With the current language of the bill regarding "digital locks" or DRM to many
of you, the passing of the bill label most of you criminals.

Potential criminals? With
severe fines? for the following actions that many of the current generation of computer literate
consumers do:
- Copying a song off a CD that you have purchased to your iPod or cell phone to
listen to on your commute to work?
- Copying a movie off a DVD or Blu-Ray that you have
purchased to your cellphone or tablet to watch while waiting in line at the cash register?
Copying a CD, DVD or Blu-Ray disc that you have purchased in order to prevent your young children
from scratching the original disc? (something I'm sure that has happen to many a parent including
this one)

Do these actions sound criminal to you?

In our current economic
climate, do most of us have so much disposable income that we can purchase the same song over and
over again? In different formats so that we can listen to it in our car, iPod, cell phone, computer,
and home stereo?

Copyright modernization need to keep the modern consumer in mind, and
need to include fair use and common sense.

Please make your voice against Bill C-11
known to the current Canadian federal government.. You can start by signing this petition, and
writing to the Prime Minister's office: and the Industry Minister: