ivan wants to:

Removal of Dola at Baird Park

We the undersigned need the off-leash dog park at Baird Park to be removed:

1) Potential environment and health hazards
2) Major flaws in public consultation process and follow-up
3) Disregard for community raised concerns/appeals, previous petition, relevant documentation i.e.
independent arborist report
4) No patrols after hours i.e. before 7:00am and after 6:30pm
5) Repeated noise, leash and other related by-laws violation throughout the day and evening hours
6) Park user/residents/community unresolved conflicts
7) Dog Owner's Association group representatives' limited ability to address dola issues
8) Lowered property values
9) Misuse of funds/tax money without a more viable solution to serve the community needs at large
10) Increased vehicular traffic on residential streets bordering Baird Park with already limited
11) Dola layout in close proximity to wading pool, playground, residence, Toronto Lawn Bowling Club