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Justice For Abbygail Dice


We, the undersigned call on the Supreme Court of Canada to charge Sara Whittington with Criminal Negligence Causing Death in the death and disappearance of her one month old daughter Abbygail Dice. She had been found guilty and sentenced for Indignity To a Body after throwing the body off a cliff to dispose of it. It is apparent to us as a community that she is responsible for the death of Abbygail Dice.

Case History:
in 2007 1 month old Abbygail Dice was reported missing by her mother Sara Whittington, after being found supposedly unconsious in her locked apartment. In 2008 she was charged with idignity to a body after confessing to an undercover officer she threw Abbygail off a cliff. In April 2011 she was found guilty of the indignity charge and on May 6th 2011 was sentenced to 2 years less a day on this charge. During her trial and the previous 3 years she has spun nothing but lies and fantasy as to what happened to poor Abbygail, to this day she has not admitted to what happened and still stands firm to her I dont know story. Justice Hockin here in St Thomas Ontario has found her guilty of offering an indignity to a body for throwing her " what is claimed to be deceased" one month old off of a cliff. I and most of our community feel she should be held responsible for the death of this precious child. If her death was accidental or SIDS you would call 911, she chose to put her baby in a car seat and toss her off a cliff inhabited by hawks, to this day Abbygail's body has not been found. We belive because she chose not to call 911 and to dispose of the body she was hiding the fact that she caused the death of her baby, then spun her story of someone breaking in while she slept and kidnapped her. We as a community want her held responsible for the death of this precious, innocent child, and feel an additional charge of atleast negligent homicide she be laid against her.
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On: 06 May 2011

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