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Samantha's Law


The purpose of the petition is two-fold: 1/ To attribute legislation rightfully to the child whom amendment originates. 2/ To provide a recognizable title to legislation for ease of identification and reference in discussion. Thus, the Petition will be offered to the Court of Alberta at the close of Public Fatality Inquiry for Samantha Martin that the Judge may recommend "Samantha's Law" for Canada-wide+ establishment.

Samantha's Law is a Canadian child protection law. The life and circumstances surrounding Samantha Lauren Martin, a child with a rare chromosome disorder, Tetrasomy 18p & Autism led her mother, Velvet Martin, to challenge archaic laws inhibiting the rights of persons with disability and their families. On December 3 2009 (the same date marks the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities being tabled in the House of Commons of Canada), Velvet Martin's persistence resulted in the establishment of "Samantha's Law." The Amendment to the Alberta Family Support for Children with Disabilities Act, became effective retroactive to December 2006. Section 2-3, Manual Amendments: Policy and Procedures in Family Centred Supports and Services: "The Family Support for Children with Disabilities Program to have separate legislation from that of child protection services."

No loving family of a child with developmental or medical diversity should be coerced into relinquishing custody - whether temporary or permanent - in effort to secure Government funding for required medical and therapeutic services!

At present, legislation is official, yet lacks formal title: "Samantha's Law"


Please help establish a legacy for a beautiful child whose short time on earth has offered great insight and awareness emerging around the globe. Courts have the ability to adopt legislation from other locales where none exists. It is my greatest wish to see "Samantha's Law" reach National proportion to better enhance and protect Family-Centred Care Practice.

In Celebration of the Importance of Life & Loving Memory of:
Samantha Lauren Martin, June 4, 1993 - December 3, 2006.
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On: 22 Feb 2011

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